The code of ethics of Scandinavian Primetime Actors is based on how we interact with each other, with our clients and with the business as a whole in order to reach our business goals. It has its origin in our long and varied work experience and will be vital for our long-term success.

Every single action defines who we are and consequently we work actively towards abiding by our guiding words: success, trust, communication, passion, changeability and professionalism.



  • Our success is the success of our clients
  • We understand the nature of the work of our clients
  • We listen to and talk to our clients about their needs, their wishes and their challenges


  • We do our utmost in order to make everybody feel that we are working actively for them
  • We are open and we respect each other
  • We reach our results through dialogue and cooperation


  • Good communications create the right conditions for a smooth and rewarding collaboration
  • Constructive criticism creates the basis for success
  • We admit our mistakes, corrects them and learn from them


  • We are passionate about the opportunity to make visible talented actors
  • We are proud of our work and of our clients
  • Diversity strengthens us and we strive to develop the very best in each of us


  • The world and our work are undergoing lots of changes and we must be adaptable
  • We are curious about the world around us
  • We are innovative and create new solutions and possibilities
  • We regard change and conversion as a source of inspiration and renewed strength


  • All work both internally and externally will be carried out professionally
  • We will behave professionally regardless of circumstances
  • We have a strong business instinct
  • We have the competence and the intuition necessary to do the right thing
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and others and will do our utmost to reach a good result